Should I Buy Backlinks?

A lot of webmasters and internet marketers will usually end up asking themselves this question from time to time. The are a whole host of reasons for this but the main one being the fact that its easier.

Lets be honest with ourselves, even though theres countless amount of evidence suggesting that quality beats quantity especially in 2012. Many people find themselves looking for the biggest link package they can find for the cheapest price possible. The main problem with this is obvious. If you could just buy 100,000 profile links/blog comment for $10-$20 and rank your site high enough in Google to receive a good amount of traffic then the search engines would be full of nothing but rubbish. Any joe blogs could wip up a site in 10 minutes using WordPress or another easy platform, throw on some usual garbish the call content and start making money from Google Adsense or other forms of advertisement.

Its only when you look at it from this angle that you start to realise, Hey wait a minute! It cant be that simple.

And you couldnt be more right, you see Google wants to give its searchers the best browsing experience possible. The last thing they want is the first few pages of a search dominated by spammy content thats of no use to anyone.

So unless your willing to spend the proper money to get quality backlinks and unless your willing to spend the time writing content thats actually useful then I really just wouldnt bother.

However And this is a big however

If you do have a quality site and are looking to buy some quality backlinks here are the things to look out for.

  1. DO NOT bother with any kind of spammy methods, why they may of worked a few years ago they dont anymore. I know its not what most of you want to hear but its FACT. A bold statement for SEO i know but with countless studies and tests its been proven time and time again.
  2. You want relevant links! Even though any kind of quality backlink will still help to increase your rankings or at least make your websites link profile stronger you want them coming from a site relevant to yours.
  3. If the deal sounds too good then it probably is. When people claim to build 1,000 article manual with unique content for $20 or so then what they really mean is they are going to use an article submission software, scrape an article of ezine, spin it and then submit it to there list of directories.

Don’t get me wrong, article marketing is really effective when done correctly. But if your going to spin an article at least write a fresh one first and then spin it by hand.

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